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Hilde has been rocked by civil war for over six months now. It began when a member of the kingdom’s high council accused King Barton of incompetence, citing instances of the King’s erratic and unorthodox behavior such as disappearing for months on end. Half of the council defended Barton’s behavior, claiming that no harm has come to Hilde or its people from Barton’s actions.

Unappeased by the loyalists’ argument, the dissenting voices abandoned the high council session before the business of the day had been addressed and resolved. Debate escalated to argument, argument to insult, insult to violence, and soon threats of a coup and complete separation spread like fire.

Longford is just one of many towns that showed its support for the separatists, and given the city’s rich economy as a trade hub, the loyalists made the retaking of Longford one of its highest priorities. However, Longford’s influence cascaded to the smaller cities and towns, more and more raising a red banner with a vertical black line in support of the separatist movement.

You are Hounds, selected by the King to root out the separatists in Longford. Some of you were asked to join; others were told. Either way, it has to pay well, right?

Main Page

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